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Centragonals - dale walton - 08-05-2020

In light of our discussion on a connection game on the Cairo board that has connections along edges and vertex-to-cell. A useful featuer for this and similar situations on other boards would be, to coin a word: "Centragonal" connections (an alternative for diagonal connections)  with show Centragonal edges option. and <direction>  "Centragonal", "EdgeCentragonal" for connectivity options

This is probably difficult and low priority as you now already have many grids that can be used for this purpose for simpler geometries, but it would make defining such a board for Cairo at different scales much easier.

An alternative approach would be to allow defining the connections and diagonals within a unit cell, and generate different order boards by repeating them (ignoring the duplicate connections where the edges coincide)

That is quite generalizable by the designer, and still keeps the work involved minimal. (A single translated board cell graphic can be used for the entire unit cell - which could be based on basic parallelogram arrangements with cut-offs allowed to create for example hex shaped boards)

RE: Centragonals - cambolbro - 08-05-2020


I've already implemented the second option, e.g. (complete (hex 5) eachCell:true) to complete the edges joining all vertex pairs across each cell. This will be available in the next release v1.0.2.


RE: Centragonals - dale walton - 08-05-2020

That's actually a separate possibility. My option 2 was for designing the unit cells of a custom grid, but still would rely on a (Centragonal or V2CEdge) vertex-to-cell edge/connection type.

For the game in question, Cell diagonals might be OK, but seems to mean connection is by manually marking all edges/diagonals between pieces (which lie on vertices.) at each turn. (Is there a sample game that does side to side connection using such edge marking so I can see how it is done?) Then I will try to implement accordingly.

The first option: Vertex to cell connections would allow simply placing a marker piece at the cell and having the engine evaluate the connections between all pieces using both V2C and normal edges together. However, as a new category of edge (direction/movement/connection) the impact on your side is probably greater.