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RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 08-23-2022

Sounds good.

RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 09-02-2022

I was hoping to see both the Hex and the Square version of the game in the database. Different people are likely to be interested in square grid games.

Please refer to post #6 in this thread for the up-to-date square version.

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 09-05-2022

Is it not possible to add these two versions as option in the same game? We would prefer this.

RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 09-07-2022

It is possible, but I believe the change between square hex boards is significant for games and the perception of games. - even though for testing I tend to work on both simultaneously. It definitely affects who a game appeals to.

In this case there is a small, but significant rule change in the definition of feet between the Hex and square versions as well, that will need to be carefully pointed out:
Hex feet can have 2 connections as long as the polypod will remain connected if the foot is removed. The square version only allows one connection per foot.

If the two must be combined, the square version should be the primary one, even though it came later. I have also added in a 3D version (commented out because the interface for 3D does not yet work.) You may use it in testing the functionality of the 3D GUI when you get around to it. - If you require this, I will work to combine the two...

RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 09-11-2022

Another reason to split them is because the AI will not perform very well if trained on the other grid.  - Of course this is balanced against your need retraining loads for updating the system.

Here is the updated Polypods with defaulted square grid. And updated GUI.

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 09-12-2022


I updated it. Thanks for the universal version.