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Polypods revised - dale walton - 07-17-2022

The web site shows Polypods on a tictactoe board??? I assume this is the problem you mentioned.

This caused me to write the script for square grid Polypods.
Along with a different grid, the definition of feet changes to connected to no more than one friendly stone.
Connections are orthogonal.

In testing I discovered two bugs in the original script:
1) the rules gave a draw for equal scores after the tie-breaker. - The script did not.
2) an exceptional case rule is needed to avoid complicated exceptions:
If a move that causes the death of an opponent's polypod consequently causes the death of one's own polypod, that move is not allowed.
(This is an extension of the no suicide rule.)

The new script and the revised script are attached.

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 07-18-2022


The web player was not updated by Matthew last week because of some problems that I think he is going to look at this week. So all new games on the web player are just replaced by TTT.

I updated your game with your update of the script.


RE: Polypods revised - MatthewStephenson - 07-18-2022

The website versions of games have now been updated.

RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 07-19-2022

I checked the website, and the game is now working, -- but still linked to the old script and description. (I don't know which version it is running, as the bug fix is a very rare occurrance, but I had edited the rules to cover it, as well as changing the script to test for the special case.)

I take it that the square version won't show up until the next release...

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 07-19-2022


On the website, that's always the last release (when updated), any change after this will be in the next one.


RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 08-08-2022

I found a bug in the square version. It probably affects the Hex version as well - a (last To) apparently refers to the last decision move instead of the last consequence moveĀ  - Which is it supposed to be? -- so I added a variable to hold the value I wanted. You can find the comment line in the script.

Please use the newly attached updated version for the square Polypods game.
I am now attaching the update for the Hex version as well.

Edit: Also updating the description.

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 08-22-2022


yes (last To) is referring to the `to' of the last decision.

I have updated the .lud with your update.


RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 08-23-2022

Perhaps there is a way to highlight in the documentation that last To references the site of the last decision, and not the site of the last consequence.

RE: Polypods revised - Eric Piette - 08-23-2022


I will clarify the doc.

Also, if you look the doc of the ludeme (last ...) you have an option to get the from and the to after applying the consequences.


RE: Polypods revised - dale walton - 08-23-2022

Thanks for pointing that out. Also, I hadn't realized the (last LevelTo) was available - that will be useful in other games.

I suggest: " True, to check the location related to the last decision; False, to check the to location related to the last consequence."