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Strange character when selecting a game - Quentin Cohen-Solal - 07-05-2022


During the procedure to load a new game, when entering the name of the game (menu File>Load Game), if I click on a special key (shift and maj but also control, alt, and command) to capitalize the first letter, then a strange character appears in the text bar of the name of the game (the character is a square). I think the interface tries to translate it into a legal character for the name of the game to search for and converts it to a square. It's annoying, suddenly the interface searches for a game whose name contains this false character, and obviously, it does not find one. Therefore this forces me to erase the wrong character so I can write the beginning of the game name to find it. What is strange is that this behavior only appears for the first action once the game selection window is open. Specifically, if I write any letter and then erase it and press shift, everything happens normally (the next letter is indeed capitalized). If I click on the game name text bar before writing, the problem does not occur. It only happens to my knowledge if the special key is the first thing I do.

Note that the bug is systematic and has been present for at least a year and a half.

Attached is a screenshot, although I doubt it's actually helpful.

RE: Strange character when selecting a game - MatthewStephenson - 07-06-2022

Hi Quentin,

Unfortunately I have not been able to replicate the problem on my own laptop, tested on both Windows and Linux.
It could be an issue specific to your operating system, java version, or some other factor.
None of the game names used in Ludii should contain any special characters, so you shouldn't need to use any of the special keys when searching for a game.