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Games with movements between planes (3D games)? - nascif - 07-01-2022


First post here. I am very curious about Ludii and would like to use it to create a computer version of a chess variant I am developing.

The game is similar to Raumschach, in that it uses multiple boards in different heights. Pieces can move between boards during the game.

An implementation would require a custom board image showing multiple boards, which I believe Ludii supports.

It would also require movement rules that don't assume that all pieces are on the same. That I am not sure is supported based on the examples and doc I read so far.

Do you think it would be possible to implement such a game in Luddi?

Are there examples of a similar game that I could use as a starting point?



RE: Games with movements between planes (3D games)? - Eric Piette - 07-02-2022


Yes, it is possible to model such a game with Ludii, but we do not have any which is similar to this one currently.
Moreover, the 3D representation for such a game will have to be modelled by the game designer itself (for example, using a state variable associated with each cell to model the level of the cell).
Concerning the interface, without to add a new specific board, I would just advise to describe each tiling as it is on the pic you sent (so not as square, but define by yourself manually).

Of course, even if that's possible in following what I suggest here, this will not be an easy job if that's your first game.
It would be better that our team provide a representation (generating the right graph) and a few ludemes which make the description more efficient and easy to read. This is in our plans, but probably not in a close future, because we are mostly focused on traditional games not involving such boards.