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Setting 'playerOrder' at start - noobby - 06-24-2022

Is there a way to play chess where the black side moves first ?

I guess there's some easy syntax available like ( start ..  (set playerOrder {P2 P1})..)  but I can't find it.
or maybe it's  turn-order, or mover-order,  etc.
and it could of course also be in the options then.

How can it be done ?

RE: Setting 'playerOrder' at start - Michael - 06-24-2022

I'm not the one to answer your question, but I'm curious, how is this different from simply swapping the colors of the pieces? Edit: And the position of the king and queen, I guess.

RE: Setting 'playerOrder' at start - noobby - 06-24-2022

good question!

but is it really the same thing playing the Kings-Gambit with white (King is at the righthand side)
and with black (as starter) when the King is on the lefthand side of the board ?

chess is a lot about pattern recognition.
do you know how weird it feels playing chess, when all is mirrored left-right? and don't forget the bishops. 
I think it could be interesting.
Any real chess player here, who could say if this is unimportant minor change or relevant ?

Edit: yes, for chess the color-and-kings swap would suffice. but not every board is that symmetric like in chess. 
so the question remains: is there an easy way like  (set playerOrder P2 P1) or something like that to put in the options?
Edit II: Ok, I understand now that everything that has to be altered for a player swap can & has to be put in some option.

RE: Setting 'playerOrder' at start - Eric Piette - 06-25-2022


You can just flip the names of the pieces in the starting rules to swap all the pieces. And based on that, making options.