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Tennessee Waltz - dale walton - 06-21-2022

Here is a new tactical "pushing" game I created.

Slight changes to the structure can cause strange effects, but it seems to be working fine at this point. Please  look at the separately posted request for enhancements to the push Ludeme that would make coding this game easier and allow the (from) selection to show a tentative piece placement like the (move from to)  move does.

Are there any more efficient ludemes for finding pairs of pieces and/or sites where pairs can be formed? - I found it quite tricky to properly capture this, but there might be a simple way I overlooked...

There is a bug and work-around: The trial shows the game ending without the correct scoring update, and  a commented out workaround is to duplicate the scoring calculation in the (byscore) in the end conditions.

It seems the bug was caused by an improper fix of another bug in the scoring. 
My games frequently need to take actions in sequence that are optional, and this is hard to do in Ludii. -- Is that the purpose of the new (seq ) ludeme that is not really explained?

In any case, I found a way to update the scoring for all cases... and include the new file
Also attaching a half-move version where the place is separated from the push, adding an AI step. -and approximating how it should look if there were a (move Push ...) like I have requested.
This version is not thoroughly tested, yet, but is based closely on the earlier versions, so might be OK.

RE: Tennessee Waltz - Eric Piette - 06-22-2022


I added your new game to Ludii.