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push improvements - dale walton - 06-21-2022

I found the push ludeme difficult to work with and buggy (I was trying to add a piece then push it and another piece as a group...

I would like to suggest an expanded push spec.

Non Decision (i.e. after a move Select) - allows pushing a group of pieces

(region) | (from)
[<Site type>]
[(to) | direction]
[addPiece:(int) | "Text"]
[placement:<None (i.e. default) | Before | After>]
[distance:(int)] (default is 1 or as defined in (to)]
[pushOff:[None|<role>] - can pieces leave the board? 
[pushOffSelf:[True|False] default false

Decision version (to allow integration with the placement:Before and with direction popup selection in the interface)

(move Push
[<Site type>]
[ (to) | direction | (directions) ]
[addPiece:(int) | "Text"] (default none, or of Mover if "Text" or if placement:Before|After
[placement:< None (default) | Before | After] (if addPiece is specified, defaults to Before at an Empty site, and to After if at an occupied site)
[distance:(int) (default is 1 or as defined in (to)]
[pushOff:[None|<role>] - whose pieces can leave the board? 
[pushOffSelf:[True|False] default false

What it should do:
selects (from);
adds piece at (from) if "placement:Before";
gives directional popup to select direction, if needed, - or selects (to);
moves all pieces starting at from ine th chosen direction and distance;
adds piece at (from) if "placement:After"

Is there already a direction popup? What invokes it

RE: push improvements - Eric Piette - 06-22-2022


I agree, the push ludeme is not perfect, and I agree with some of your ideas.
Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time recently to work on ludeme modifications.
So I add this thread to my todo list and I will try to look at it at some point.

Thanks for the feedback about the push ludeme.