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Evidence for Demala Diviyan Keliya

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.760
Type Contemporary rule description
Location South India Sri Lanka
Date 1909-01-01CE - 1909-12-31CE
Content Parker 1909: 581: "Demala Diviyan Keliya, or Koti Sellama. 'The Tamil Leopards' Game. The board is an enlarged form of that of the preceding game, all the lines being extended so as to provide an additional set of positions for the pieces on the three sides of the triangle. Three 'Leopards' and fifteen pieces called 'Dogs' are required for this game, which is played exactly like the last one. Capturing the Dogs is termed 'chopping' them (v. kotanawa). The game is well known in southern India, from whicb country it was doubtless imported into Ceylon, as its name indicates. Its Hindustani name is Rafaya. Some extend the lines so as to make an extra set of positions for the pieces outside those described above."
Confidence 100

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