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Evidence for Brandub

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.764
Type Contemporary text
Location Ireland
Date 1200-01-01CE - 1640-12-31CE
Rules Central square of the board is marked, A special piece exists in the center spot with four other pieces on each side of it.
Content Excerpt from "Abair riom a Éire ógh," attributed to Maoil Eóin Mac Raith. Translation by E. Knott, as reported by MacWhite 1945:29-30: "The centre of the plain of Fál is Tara's Castle, delightful hill; out in the exact centre of the plain, like a mark on sa particoloured brannumh board. Advance thither, it will be a profitable step; leap up on that square, which is fitting for the branán, the board is fittingly thine. I would draw thy attention, o white of tooth to the noble squares proper for the branán (Tara, Cashel, Croghan, Naas, Oileach), let them be occuppied by thee. A golden branán with his band art thou with they four provincials; thou, O king of Bregia, on yonder square with a man each side of thee."
Confidence 100

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