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Evidence for Xiangqi

1 pieces of evidence found.

Id DLP.Evidence.809
Type Contemporary rule description
Location Late Tang China
Date 0779-01-01AD - 0847-12-31AD
Rules Moves of the pieces
Content "In the first year of the period of Pao Ting (A.D. 762) Tsêng-Shun of Ju-Nan heard one night the sound of a military drum in the Lady Lu's house. A man in full armor announced the news from the General of the golden elephant (kin siang triang kun) about the battle with the thieves of Tien-No. Shun kindled a light in order to see better, and after midnight a mouse-hole in the east wall changed into a city gate. Two armies stood opposite one another. When he had arranged the army, the general (shwai) entered and said: 'The celestial horse (t'ien ma)springs aslant over three, the commanders (shang-tsiang) go sidewards and attack on all four sides, the baggage-wagons (tze cho) go straight forwards and never backwards, the six men (liu kia) in armour go in file but not backwards.' Then the drum sounded and from either army a horse moved out three steps aslant. Again the drum sounded and on either side a foot-soldier moved sidewards one step. Once again the drum was sounded, the wagons moved forwards, and in an instant the shot from the cannon (p'ao) fell in confusion. He made a hole through the east wall, and found a set of siang k'i in an old tomb, with wagons (ku) and horses in rank and file." (Murray 1913: 123–124)
Confidence 100
Social status Non-Elite
Genders Male

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